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First Time Brazilian Wax Tips TI


So you were entertaining the idea of getting your first Brazilian wax in Walnut Creek and then you suddenly remembered others who had. Perhaps you've heard others' horror stories about going to receive a Brazilian wax and coming out in tears, or worse, with reddened burns that gave them rashes. But it's important to remember that these cases are outliers in the world of cosmetology -- a field that medically trains individuals.

Proper waxing techniques are applied with knowledge of how the body, especially the skin and hair follicles, work in order to give you the results you want without causing you harm. However, there are certain things to expect from an establishment and you should feel comfortable in their space to make sure they are there.


1.) Gloves

No matter how clean their hands are, their hands should always be gloved. This prevents any excess dirt or germs on their hands from getting into your freshly opened pores; it's also polite.


2.) Communication

Be open with your waxer when you first step in to how they wish to proceed. Some people prefer to not know when they are being waxed as it helps dull the pain. But others may need to know to take away the shock of that initial pull back of hair. Decide what you'd like and make sure your waxer knows this too.


3.) Pain Threshold 

The first time waxing is usually the hardest due to fear of the unknown.  But once your body acclimates to waxing you will find that it becomes much easier to tolerate.  We offer waxing and sugaring.  Sugaring tends to be better for sensitive skin and less painful.  So you may want to try sugaring.  Some people can walk in and out of the waxing process and not be bothered at all by the pain, whereas others cringe just thinking about that experience. You might not know which one you are until the time comes, but do know that at any point you can tell the waxer to stop, or work on more or less areas at a time to adjust to your level of pain.  Take an ibuprofen if you have a low pain tolerance. 


4.) Aftercare

After waxing, your skin may experience some sensitivity. If this is the case, feel free to put some aloe or cortisone on the areas to soothe the skin. But never apply alcohol or any strong astringent to it, as it will aggravate the skin.



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