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It's true!

You deserve the best sugaring and wax!

Embarking on your first sugar or wax Brazilian? Looking for a new hair removal salon? The fact that we do over 500 Brazilians every month speaks volumes; it's our most popular service.  Our priority is to put you at ease, answer your questions and provide exceptional service.




Buy a full Brazilian and get one Brazilian free. Use promo code BOGO18 when booking your appointment, or mentioned it at checkout. This special only applies to new clients.  The complimentary Brazilian must be pre-booked and within 4 weeks of the first appointment.  Offer cannot be shared or gifted.

BOGO- Buy 1 Brazilian Get 1 Free



Q: What in the world is a Brazilian Wax?


A:  Brazilian wax removes the hair in the pubic region all the way to the rear.  Unlike the bikini wax, you are able to go completely bare down there.  However, you may opt to leave a small landing strip or martini glass above the vaginal area















Q: Is getting a Brazilian painful?


A: We’ll be honest; it’s not the most comfortable experience especially the first time.  Our Waxologists work hard to put you at ease and keep your mind occupied with cheerful banter.  We’d be happy to provide a numbing cream before your treatment.  You may also want to take ibuprofen about 30 minutes prior.  Sugaring tends to be less painful and is recommended for sensitive skin.


Q: How long should my hair be before I wax?


A: For the best results, we strongly recommend 2-3 weeks of hair growth or hair that is 1/4 inches long for waxing, 1/8 inches for sugaring.  If the hair is too short, we’ll have to ask you to reschedule.  Proper hair length will allow our Estheticians to perform the best service with lasting results. 


Q: What type of wax do you use?


for your sugaring A: We highly recommend Brazilian.  However, if you prefer wax, you're in good hands.  We are committed to using the highest quality waxes that give you the cleanest results.  We use European hard wax for the bikini and Brazilian.  Hard wax is best on coarse hair and reduces irritation because it is applied at a low temperature, shrink wraps around the hair and is removed from the root without pulling the skin.


Q: Should I try sugaring for my Brazilian?


A: We love Brazilian sugaring and offer this service for women and men.  About 90 percent of our clients prefer sugaring over Brazilian waxing. The skin stays smoother longer, it's less irritating and 100% organic. Trust us, once you try sugaring, you'll never go back to waxing!  Learn more.




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