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Seasonal  Facials!


Special BONUS TREATMENT with your FACIAL! 


Raspberry White Chocolate Facial w/Complimentary Add On - $95.00

The raspberries and white chocolate come together delightfully for Valentine’s Day. Raspberries are known to be anti-inflammatory, and while you neither see nor smell the peach, pumpkin, and hibiscus they are in the background softening and exfoliating the skin in a gentle and mild manner. Cocoa is moisturizing to the skin and restores compromised or dehydrated skin, preventing trans-epidermal water loss. 

Select One Add On Service:

Collagen Eye Treatment, Scalp Massage, Lactic Peel, LED Phototherapy, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Infusion, Custom Aroma Therapy Facial Oil.

Relax & Replenish

True Signature Aromatherapy Facial - $85.00


Relax and replenish with the ultimate sensorial experience. The True Signature Aromatherapy Facial is perfect for all skin types. With elements hand-crafted in-house using organic essential oils, flower waters, botanical extracts and French green or Moroccan rhassoul clay to cleanse, nourish, exfoliate and detox the skin. You select the essential oils for your mask and massage. The treatment includes cleansing, pore extractions, massage, customized mask and is finished with our in-house botanical beauty oils to promote healthy, balanced and radiant skin.



Rebalance & Nourish

Rebalance Organic 302 Ultrasound Facial - $85.00

 (w/ Avocado Extract & Vitamins A, C)


Bring your skin back into balance. Perfect for sensitized, inflamed, red and damaged skin, this treatment provides a healthy dose of nourishing antioxidants and brightening ingredients while promoting deep hydration. Repair the skin’s barrier function and radiance with natural skin loving anti-inflammatory and regenerative ingredients that are infused into the skin using ultrasound technology following a gentle cleanse, light 

papaya enzyme, pore extractions, massage & hydrating mask.


Retexture & Clarify

Brightening Hyperpigmentation Treatment - $110

(w/lactic peel, red LED phototherapy, and ultrasound) 

Our brightening facial restores an even skin tone and targets melasma, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation — the stimulation of the melanocyte-pigmentation cells. This treatment incorporates powerful, high-performance ingredients and includes cleansing followed by a gentle lactic peel (10%), light pore extractions, aromatherapy massage, LED phototherapy, brightening mask, followed by ultrasound infusion of an active melanocyte inhibitor. 


For continued results, a monthly facial and proper home care are recommended.



Detox & Purify 

Pomegranate Purifying and Detox Facial - $95

(w/blue LED phototherapy and high frequency)


This treatment is perfect for oily, acne prone or congested skin in need of a deep pore cleansing while addressing environmental skin damage. Focusing completely on detoxing and clarifying the skin by dissolving the skin’s oil and controlling bacteria, this facial features a pomegranate enzyme mask, extractions, anti-bacterial high-frequency treatment, blue LED phototherapy and a hydrating/charcoal detox mask. 


Skin Type: normal, combination, oily skin, mild acne



Resurface & Oxygenate

Derma-Oxygen Resurfacing Treatment - $115

(w/ microdermabrasion, red LED phototherapy & oxygen infusion)


This luxury treatment instantly softens fine lines, stimulates collagen, brightens, resurfaces, increases circulation and restores the skin’s youthful glow. The protocol includes a light enzyme peel, microdermabrasion, facial massage, oxygen infusion, LED phototherapy, and application of high performing active ingredients and peptides. The perfect special event treatment!



Lift & Contour

Anti-Aging Lift & Contour Treatment -

$120 / Maintenance Treatment $60

(w/ micro-current, enzyme peel & ultrasound)


Soften fine lines and firm the skin with a combination of micro-current, LED phototherapy and ultrasound. Micro-current skin therapy is non-surgical technology that increases collagen production, firms, lifts and restores the skin’s elasticity. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles, contour the neck, jowls, cheek and eye areas for the ultimate anti-aging regiment. 


For best long-term results, consider a series of 12 mini treatments over six weeks followed by monthly maintenance facials.


Purchase a pack of 12 mini treatments and two full facial treatments


(14 total) for $790 and save $170.




Exfoliate & Regenerate

True Peel Bar

Stimulate cellular renewal with a customized facial peel that unveils fresh skin in minutes with no downtime, peeling or irritation. Depending on your skin type and goals, a glycolic, lactic or salicylic peel will be selected to target hyperpigmentation, acne, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles.


25 min $55 / Series of 3, $148 / Series of 6, $280


Collagen Eye Treatment: $15

Scalp Massage: $15

Lactic Peel: $15

LED Phototherapy: $18

Microdermabrasion: $18

Oxygen Infusion: $18

Custom Aromatherapy Facial Oil (1/2 oz.): $20


(925) 945-7700


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