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Drink Three Cups of Green Tea a Day for Glowing Skin

I’m a tea fanatic--been drinking and studying it for years. I even traveled to China to experience Chinese tea culture. For me drinking tea became a ritual of sorts—a way to slow down, contemplate the meaning of life and consciously hydrate my body. In time, I discovered that drinking my daily cup of tea, improved the overall quality of my skin, kept me healthier and mentally sharp. Drinking green tea became part of my daily mind, body, skin care regimen.  It became a ritual. 


As I delved deeper into my study of camellia sinensis (tea), I learned that populations in Asia have the lowest rates of heart disease and cancer in the world even with large numbers of smokers? In Asia, they drink a lot of tea. It’s a large part of their culture.


Green Tea provides pure goodness. It contains polyphenols, vitamin E, vitamin C, fluoride, quercetin, tannins and volatile oils all of which yield antioxidant and anticancer properties. Antioxidants are the keys to fighting free radicals or the pollution, sun etc. that damage cells and tissues. Green tea helps to reduce cholesterol by lowering blood lipids. Green tea is thought to be twenty times stronger than vitamin E in its anti-aging benefits. How can anyone go wrong with drinking it?



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Drinking three cups of a high quality loose leaf tea daily is ideal. I want to stress “high quality.” You will notice a difference in taste. Many of the cheaper brands that are packaged in tea bags tend to be “tea dust.” This is a low quality, low grade tea that is old and the cheapest variety to procure. I recommend using whole leaves. Prepare an infusion, drink it in the morning, at lunch and throughout the day. My favorite green tea variety is Japanese genmaicha. I can’t argue with its sweet and toasty notes. Store it in the refrigerator because green tea has a shelf life. To learn more about tea, I recommend doing a tea tasting at Teance in Berkeley, CA or purchasing a quality loose leaf brand like Rishi Tea at Wholefoods.


Regardless of what the studies say about the benefits of drinking green tea, drinking it is a form of hydrating the skin and that’s always a good thing.  Achieving beautiful skin is a holistic process. In addition to getting regular facials with our fabulous natural botanical products, what we put in our body is often more important than what we lather on our skin. 


Request a cup of one of our signature organic tea blends when you visit our studio for services.  Great skin starts from within, so drink up!




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