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One day while getting a facial, Tami Blake’s esthetician convinced her to try a Brazilian wax while she was there. She informed Tami that the process was going to be uncomfortable, but that she would love the end result. So Tami gave the new service a try and was instantly hooked. Not only did it do wonders in the intimacy department, but she more importantly appreciated the cleaner, tidier feel.

After the initial wax, Tami became a regular, going to see her esthetician every four weeks. Eventually, her esthetician moved out of the area, and Tami found the job of locating a replacement to be difficult. She tried various salons, but none of them seemed to get the job done right. Some only offered the Brazilian an add-on service, while others impersonally rushed the process. Tami wanted a place that felt special, where hair removal was treated as an art form. She decided that since she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she would create it herself. After achieving her MBA at the Lokey Graduate School of Business at Mills College, True Waxology & Skincare was born.


What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax differs from a regular bikini wax because hair is removed in the front, back, and everything in between. You can elect to go completely bare or leave a small "landing strip" of hair in the front. Most of our clients chose to remove all the hair. The results last longer than shaving because with waxing the hair is removed from the root instead of cut at the hair shaft.


How should I prepare for my Brazilian wax?

When you schedule your Brazilian wax appointment it is recommended that the hair be at least 1/8’’-1/4’’ long. If you have recently shaved, wait two to three weeks before booking. If your hair is much longer, trimming before will make the experience more comfortable. You want to bathe or freshen up before your Brazilian or bikini wax treatment. No tanning beds, hot tubs, or saunas before your appointment. You also want to schedule your service at least two to three days before vacationing, especially if you plan to sun bathe. Excessive heat may affect the skin and exacerbate any sensitivity. Gently exfoliating the bikini area 24 hours before your appointment removes dead skin cells, opens the pores, and allows for a cleaner wax. Lastly, you want to keep calm and wear comfortable clothing to prevent irritation after waxing.


What can I expect for my first Brazilian wax experience?

When you arrive for your first Brazilian appointment your esthetician will escort you to a treatment room. At that time she should review your health and waxing history. Once you have both determined that you are a good Brazilian candidate you will be asked to undress from the bottom down. Next, your esthetician will clean and prep the bikini area. Your esthetician will apply and remove wax in small sections. After all the hair is removed, your esthetician will apply some post wax essential oil and a soothing mask to calm and moisturize the skin.It should take no more than 30 minutes. Following your service, your esthetician will provide instructions for home care and recommend products that treat ingrown hair and any irritation.


How do I maintain my Brazilian?

After a Brazilian the skin may be a bit sensitive, so no heat (sun bathing, saunas, hot tubs) or exfoliating scrubs for 24-48 hours. To treat any redness, apply cortisone or creams with tea tree oil. After any irritation has subsided you want to exfoliate with a washcloth or loofah in the shower every other day to slough off dead skin cells to fight off ingrown hair. If you do experience ingrown hairs or bumps, do not pick or tweeze. You will only make it worst and cause scarring. Use an ingrown hair serum to help treat any bumps. We offer our clients an assortment of post wax treatment creams and serums. It is recommended that you get your Brazilian every four weeks to allow for the skin to acclimate to waxing, slow hair growth, and maintain better results in between treatments.


Are men able to get a Brazilian wax?

Absolutely! In fact we are experiencing an increase in the number of men requesting all types of manscaping, including the Brazilian or “manzilian” as some may call it. Many men have spouses or partners who are encouraging it. Other men just appreciate the cleaner feel.


Most importantly, does the Brazilian hurt?

I’d be lying if I said "no,” since the hair is being removed from the root. The pain usually lasts for a second after the hair is removed. Most first timers report that it was not as bad as they anticipated. Fear of the unknown is a large factor. If you're worried about pain, take one or two Advil 30 minutes before your appointment and drink plenty of water to open up your pores. With repeated waxing the hair usually grows in much more thinly and the pain lessens. That’s why it is important to schedule regular maintenance.  The process can be made less painful by the type of wax that is used. Hard wax that is removed without a strip is preferred for Brazilians. It is applied at a low temperature where it hardens around the hair follicle and not the skin so it’s less painful and better for sensitive body parts. Sugaring is a hair removal method that  uses a natural paste made of sugar, water and lemon.  The paste can be removed using the strip method or a hand flicking method. Like waxing, sugaring can be done on the Brazilian area and if done right is a great option for clients with sensitive skin and can even be less painful because hair is removed in the direction of growth. True Waxology & Skincare offers the Brazilian wax for both men and women and plans to offer Brazilian sugaring in the near future.

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How to maintain a Brazilian Wax

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