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True Smoothing Serum- $24

Contains ingredients specific to bumps and ingrown hair caused by hair removal.  It also doubles as a hydrating skin exfoliant and can be applied anywhere in need of smoothing, soothing and brightening.


Packed with Botanical Goodness!

  • AHAs/BHAs (4%): gently exfoliate & lesson ingrown hair, razor bumps, clogged pores & fine lines

  • aloe vera: cools, moisturizes & heals

  • cucumber extract: calms inflamed skin, tones & hydrates

  • rooibos extract: powerful antioxidant & anti-aging properties

  • lavender essential oil: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, specific to breakouts

  • borage seed oil: regenerates skin cells & deeply softens skin


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Multipurpose Action:

  • prevents ingrown hair, razor & beard bumps

  • smooths fine lines

  • brightens & softens skin anywhere

  • specific to breakouts/acne

  • keraosis pilaris, eczema & psoriasis

  • improves skin tone & texture


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