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The perception of body waxing sessions as being incredibly uncomfortable is not entirely untrue. Until relatively recently, going to get waxed required holding very strongly to the idea that having body hair was worse than feeling like someone was ripping large pieces of packing tape off of various sensitive areas. However, thankfully, there have been some appreciable advances in waxing practices recently. If you’re interested in waxing in Walnut Creek or getting a Brazilian wax in Walnut Creek, you now have some much more comfortable options.

One of these options is hard wax. Hard wax has recently taken the waxing community by storm. Hard wax requires less heat. The wax, which is usually made up of a combination of beeswax and rosix, is very flexible, and has proven easier to apply and remove than traditional soft wax. Additionally, hard wax is often infused with skin softeners or moisturizers such as azulene oil and shea butter. The entire experience is more pleasant, and if you are interested in looking your best in Walnut Creek, a hard wax treatment at True Waxology & Skincare will both remove unwanted hair, and change your perception of body waxing in general.  We'll take great care of you!

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