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I'm Spray Tanning in Walnut Creek this Season

Winter is officially here and Christmas is around the corner.  There’s no harm in adding a bit of color to your skin with a spray tan at True Waxology in Walnut Creek.  The appearance of healthy glowing skin is the best accessory you can sport at your next holiday party.  You’ll feel like you just stepped off of a Hawaiian beach. 


Hungry for a bit of history?  In the 1920’s tanned skin became the cultural ideal when fashion icon Coco Chanel returned from a luxury cruise looking bronzed and beautiful.  From then on tanning became a cultural phenomenon symbolizing a charmed life of leisure.  Several decades later, when research uncovered the dangers of sun bathing, healthier alternatives emerged.  Airbrush tanning is the healthiest alternative to achieve that Coco Chanel glow.


Concerned that your glow will not look natural.  Believe us, we’ve heard it all.  “I just got the spray tan from hell. I looked like Snookie from Jersey Shore.”   Have no fear.  We know what we are doing.  Our spray technicians are licensed estheticians who have been trained in analyzing skin types.  We customize the formulation to suite your skin type and the color you want to achieve. 


The following are the benefits of airbrush/spray tanning:


  • Spray tanning will give your skin a natural healthy glow

  • It will accentuate your features and make you look thinner

  • Boost your confidence and make you feel great

  • You won’t look orange with our quality solution

  • Quick and easy!  You’ll be out in less than 20 minutes


Have more questions or want to book an appointment?  Give us a call.  Save $10 off your first spray tan at our Walnut Creek salon.




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