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One Year Anniversary--True Waxology & Skincare

True Waxology & Skincare has been open for a year and I’m proud of our maturity as a business with triple bottom line values. I must confess, that starting a business is hard work, there were days filled with immense frustration and impatience; but the team rose to the occasion and accomplished what it took to get customers in the door and engaged with our brand.

I started True with the intention that it would grow into something bigger than just another Walnut Creek salon. I wanted to create an environment that would challenge our better selves. I wanted a team that would be willing to evolve, grow and always put the customer first. I am proud to report that we are exactly that.

We broadened the awareness of sugaring as a natural alternative to waxing and introduced our own organic spray tan solution. As Walnut Creek’s only salon devoted to natural, non-invasive skin pampering, we will continue to seek out innovative ways to enhance your skin.

Ladies and gents, we have only just begun. Thank you for making our skin salon, located off the beaten path, a wild success. We look forward to serving you in the years to come.


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