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Airbrush by True Launches the Tan Bar

Airbrush by true

The Tan Bar

Last year ,in Q4, we started offering spray tanning to our clients. After conducting tons of reseach, I finally put the finishing touches on two fabulous customer blended formulas for TRUE clients. Here's a sneak peek of our new menu.

Select your base body shot and let your airbrush barista custom blend your tanning cocktail to suite your skin type and personal goals. All tanning services begin with a cleansing aloe and papaya exfoliating spritzer, topped off with a whipped shea butter barrier cream to protect your nails and moisturize dry skin.


Tahitian Sunset Full Body Shot ($45) : Our tropical inspired solution yields beautiful bronze undertones. This special age defying elixir is infused with organic aloe vera, white tea, vitamins A,C E and Matrixyl 3000 a powerful anti- aging peptide. Give your skin a shot of nutrients along with a deep rich glow. Purchase a package and notice a significant improvement in skins texture and tone with repeated use.

Golden Glow Full Body Shot ($40): This antioxidant packed elixir enhances your skin with a with a twist of aloe, green tea and lavender essence for a natural off the beach glow. Sun kissed golden undertones and a slow even fade keep our customers coming back for more. Non-drying on the skin, flawless, slimming and never orange.

Golden Stockings Half Body Shot ($25): Even out your skin tone, hide scars and stretch marks. Look fabulous and leggy with a golden bronzed glow. Select either Tahitian Sunset or Golden Glow to use as your base color guide. Dusted

Décolleté Half Body Shot ($25): Add a touch of color to your face, décolleté, back and stomach. Select either Tahitian Sunset or Golden Glow to use as your base color guide.


Aloe & Papaya Exfoliating Spritzer: Used to clean your whole body and lightly exfoliate your skin to ensure that oils, lotions or perfumes do not act as a barrier to your tan’s development.

Whipped Shea Butter Barrier Cream: Applied to your finger and toe nails, elbows and knees. Protects agains discoloration and evens out your tan on some of the dryer body parts.

• Hypoallergenic

• Paraben-free

• Virgin- Alcohol-Free (non drying)

• Organic Ingredients

• Green tea, aloe vera, essential oils, vitamins

• Last up to 7-10 days

• Custom blended

• 20 minute treatment

• Anti-aging formulas: Matrixyl 3000

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