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Sustainable Skincare at its Best--True Waxology & Skincare

True Waxology & Skincare was inspired and founded on the belief that skin care should be natural and effortless. We are Truly focused on offering healthier alternatives for your skin.

Most skincare lines are diluted with ineffective and inexpensive filler ingredients that provide little or no value for your skin. All of our products are paraben free and we steer clear of any ingredients on the Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemical list. We also value the unique and collaborative relationships that we have fostered with our suppliers. Many of the skincare lines we retail are made in small batches by local formulators who are committed to using ingredients that are natural and effective. Our yummy body butters, soaps and scrubs are handcrafted by local artisans in Walnut Creek and Oakland and the raw organic honey we use during our facials comes from local Bee Keepers.

Whether you fancy sugaring, waxing or airbrush tanning, we are obsessed with your skin. We love discovering healthy alternatives that keep your skin smooth, healthy and glowing

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