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Swimwear Trends: Walk on the Wild Side

The latest swimwear trends have a wild side, with tropical foliage and animal prints seen on the runways at a recent fashion week. Fashionistas will find that in addition to a bikini wax, they will want must-have accessories such as a bold necklace, sporting an over-sized rosary-style cross or a gold-covered medal. Snakeskin prints in bright colors also made their way into collections, along with neon beadwork and other embellishments.

Keeping with the jungle theme of the season, one designer featured a blue monokini in a bold elephant print with a contrasting pattern that lined the top.

Another showed an eclectic mix from a leather-like vest with studs to safari-themed swimsuits with corresponding backpacks.

Kaftans and fringed-crop tops were adorned with animal prints, including a lion face with matching backpack.

There were designs inspired by myths and legends of Brazil, in soft pastels and warm tones of burnt orange and lilac. Also featured were animal prints such as penguins and jaguars. Gold-plated hardware appeared on bikini tops and bottoms as well as handmade beads and oversized crosses. Another designer was inspired by jungles and punk icons. The two came together through bold graphics, lush tropical plant and animal prints, fused with gold spikes and studs, fringe and floral details.

In closing, don't forget to book a spray tan before your service. Give your skin that gorgeous glow before heading out on your summer vacation.

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